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September 1993 Newsletter

Volume 3, No. 5

Highlights of This Issue

You are Invited to the WAIUG Forum 93

The Washington Area Informix Users Group next meeting will be a one day forum. The forum will include speakers on topics important to Informix users, exhibits from companies supplying new products, a diskette with public domain software, and networking with other Informix users. The Forum will be held at the Springfield Hilton, Springfield, Virginia, on Tuesday, November 16th, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Invitations are being sent to over 2,500 individuals that use the Informix database. Currently we are planning on the following sessions and exhibits:

Session Topics

  • 4GL Programming in a Multiple Development Environment
  • Database Networking and Management
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Database Security
  • Internet and the Informix Newsgroup "comp.database.informix"
  • Informix Online/Secure - the First B1, C2 Rated Secure Database
  • New Informix Graphical Products:
  • Informix Hyperscript
  • Informix DBA and Viewpoint
  • Informix 4GL for Windows
  • Public Domain Software for Informix Development
  • Question and Answer Panel - bring your Informix questions to the experts
  • Tips for Informix 4GL Programming


  • Advanced DataTools Corporation
  • Four Seasons Software,
  • IQ Software Corporation
  • Information Builders, Inc.
  • Information Technology Development Corp.
  • Informix Software, Inc.
  • Powersoft Corporation
  • Soft-tek International
  • Summit Data Group
  • Westmount, USA Inc.

Participation is open to everyone. There is a $20 registration fee. Registration includes one year membership in the Washington Area Informix Users Group, the Users Group Newsletter, a diskette with user group public domain software, and attendance in the seminars and exhibits. A final schedule and reminder will be faxed or mailed to all registrants. Please contact John Petruzzi, Membership Director, to register, at 703-490-4598 or send in the attached form.

Forum 93 Speakers and Exhibitors

If you would like to speak or exhibit at the forum, please contact Lester Knutsen. Each speaker will have a 90 minute session on a topic relevant to Informix users. The Users Group steering committee will select a final list of speakers at the end of September. One large room will be set aside for exhibits. Each exhibitor will be provided with one 8 foot table for product demonstration. To cover the costs of the forum, the exhibitor fee will be $300.00. Please contact Lester Knutsen at 703-256-0267 for more information or to reserve an exhibitor spot.

Users Group Incorporation

The User Group coordinating committee incorporated our group as the Washington Area Informix Users Group (WAIUG for short) a non-profit, non-stock corporation in the state of Virginia. The initial directors of the UAIUG are: Lester Knutsen, President; Rick Montgomery, Treasurer/Secretary; and John Petruzzi, Membership Director. These are volunteer positions and we need more volunteers to help organize our user group. Please call Lester Knutsen if you can help or would like to volunteer.

BBS Name Change

(EDITORS NOTE: This BBS is no longer in operation)

Our Users Group BBS sub-board on the IRS public bulletin board BBS will change its name from MAIUG to WAIUG during the next month. Thanks to Rick Montgomery and Internal Revenue Service for this service. The board is available 24 hours; however, the BBS administrator requests that non-IRS users utilize the 9600 baud line before 7:00 am and after 5:00 pm on weekdays. The system is fairly self explanatory, however if you have any questions, please call the appropriate individual identified below:

	Connections/Hardware/Software:  Marianne Crockford or Brian Hupman at 202-
	Sub-Board Contents/Users Group Questions:  Rick Montgomery at 703-756-7273

	BBS numbers are : 	202-219-9977  at 1200/2400
				202-219-9991 at 9600 ( V.32, Non IRS callers after 5:00
				202-219-9995 at 9600-19200 (Trailbizer/PEP, Non IRS
callers after 5:00 pm)
	Set your communications software to no parity, 8 bits and 1 stop bit. 
	You will be prompted to register and fill in a brief online questioner.  
	From the main menu, select 'J' followed by the name of our sub-board,
WAIUG.  Feel free to test out the options.  There is a bulletin available
for you to download more detailed instructions.

Please use this BBS to send and receive information about the Users Group. We will be uploading all information from our newsletters. If you have any questions please leave a message for Rick Montgomery on the BBS or call 703-756-7273.

Newsletter Sponsorship

The user group has been supported by many companies over the last three years. If your company would like to sponsor a mailing of the newsletter please call for more information. This issue of the newsletter is sponsered by Advanced DataTools Corporation.

August User Group Meeting

Our last meeting featured Informix showing their new graphical products. The following is a brief summary of the new products and features.

Informix Hyperscript: This is a new front end graphical development tool that runs under Windows and can access an Informix database on a PC or over a network. The development tool includes everything you need to build graphical user interfaces. Hyperscript tools include:

  • - Script Builder to create, edit and debug Hyperscript code.
  • - Dialog Box Builder to paint dialog boxes and generate Hyperscript code.
  • - Menu Builder to paint menus and automatically generate Hyperscript code.
  • - Portfolio Builder is the backbone for building screens and putting applications together.
  • - Worksheet Builder is the Wingz spreadsheet and graphics tool.
  • - Help Builder is used to create interactive help.

This is a tool for developers who want to build graphical applications that are front ends to a database.

Informix DBA: This is a Windows based database administration tool that allows you to create databases and tables, and build superviews, forms and reports that work with Informix Viewpoint.

Informix Viewpoint: This is a Windows based end user or power user tool that allows them to access databases through superview created with Informix DBA. It is a graphical tool that you can user a mouse to click and point to paint forms, reports and queries.

Informix User Groups around the world

There are several Informix user groups around the world and we are in the process of developing ways to share information. Emory University, the archive site for the Informix newsnet user group, has established a directory in which each user group can post articles. All past issues of our newsletter and related source code is posted there. The address of the anonymous ftp archive of Informix-related files is mathcs.emory.edu (IP Look in the directory /pub/informix for more information. Informix Link has also set up an area for each user group. And, we are sharing newsletter articles between user groups. The Informix User Group in England, INFUSE reprinted one of our articles by Sameer Gupta on "Searching Through Informix 4GL Display Arrays". And, this month we are including an article from England by Ian Goddard on "The Case of the Kamikaze Daemon and Other Exotica". As the shared information grows I hope to include other articles from around the world in our newsletter.

This Newsletter is published by the Washington Area Informix Users Group.

Lester Knutsen, President/Editor

Washington Area Informix Users Group

4216 Evergreen Lane, Suite 136, Annandale, VA 22003

Phone: 703-256-0267