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January 1999 Newsletter

Volume 9, No. 1

Highlights of This Issue

Performance Tuning PeopleSoft's nVision with Informix by Kevin Fennimore

Cool and Helpful New Web Sites for Informix Users

Training Day

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Advance registration is required - ALL are welcome!
TIME: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Registration starts at 8:00am)
LOCATION: University of MD, College Park, 
AV Williams Engineering Bldg.
FEE: $10 for members, $30 for non-members(includes lunch)

Your $10 will be collected at the door. If your membership is not current, the $20 annual membership fee will be added.

Training Day is a one day technical training event for WAIUG members at the University of Maryland during the March spring break. Six half-day sessions are currently planned. These are very practical technical how-to sessions for Informix users.

Our last Training Day (1997) had over 100 members participating and included sessions on the following topics: Enterprise Data Security; Migrating to INFORMIX-OnLine 7.X From SE or 5.X; Web Pages From Your Informix Database; Query Optimization; Developing Applications with the Web DataBlade; Benefits of Data Warehousing. This year we have the following sessions planned:


  • SQL Query Optimization by Kevin Fennimore
  • Informix IDS Server Monitoring and Tuning by Lester Knutsen
  • Using Java to Access UDO Features by Shawn Swart
  • Web Enabling Informix Databases Using Perl by Peter Schmidt 
  • Data Warehouse by Jack Parker 
  • Developing Data Blades by Steve Kelley
Newsletter Sponsorship


The user group has been supported by many companies over the years. If your company would like to sponsor the newsletter, please call for more information. We would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring this issue:

Advanced DataTools Corporation

Business Objects

FuGEN, Inc.


Informix Visionary



Introducing the industry's first business visualizer that enables corporate users to gain INSIGHT to their enterprise versus just being able to ACCESS their data. All of this, in a completely code-less, graphical environment. Not only can users graphically explore the business enterprise and obtain immediate analysis of trends, but they can also zoom in, on demand, for extensive detail. Visionary is not about tables of data- it's about pictures. Visionary is an eye into your business. The point-and-click visual analysis empowers an expanded population of non-technical users enabling fast and easy insight for decision making. INSIGHT versus ACCESS.

Using the latest WebCasting technology, Informix will bring you a highly interactive, live presentation and demonstration of Visionary, in the privacy of your own office. All you need is a Web browser, a phone, and about an hour. YouÆll not only get an informative demonstration of the power of this revolutionary tool, but access to a panel of experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, the creator of Visionary.

And, existing customers will talk to you about their experiences with Visionary and how it has changed the way they are doing business today.

2/18/99 12:15 (EST) Confirmation # 598089

2/19/99 11:15 (EST) Confirmation # 615078


WAIUG Meeting; December 4, 1998

by Peter Wages

Lester Knutsen presided over a meeting of the Washington Area Informix Users Group at Informix Corporation's offices at McLean Virginia.  Approximately 30 people attended. 

Scott Brzezinski and Steve Day of Business Objects ,a WAIUG corporate sponsor, presented their Data Warehouse products, BusinessObjects, BusinessMiner and BusinessQuery and Web Intelligence.  The DOD Health Affairs HMO  uses their product and Informix to support a Corporate Executive Information System (CEIS) data warehouse.  This  is one of the largest data warehouses in the world.

Refreshments were provided by Informix

Jared Corman  senior Software Engineer of Informix Corporation provided a demonstration of Dynamic 4GL,  Informix's new client object oriented verion of Informix 4GL, the popular programing language.  Dynamic 4GL was initial created by the French company 4J and  Informix has decided to support it as its own. Dynamic 4GL works and has many satisfied customers.

Performance Tuning PeopleSoft's nVision with Informix
by Kevin Fennimore

Cool and Helpful New Web Sites for Informix Users
by Lester Knutsen
(Editors Note: The following are two web sites that I have found very helpful)
1. The Informix byExample site has become part of the Informix Developer's Network (IDN):


byExample provides dynamic, runnable examples and HTML-based How Tos designed to help customers, sales teams and field engineers use Informix technology with industry-standard applications and middleware.

The initial focus of the site includes JDBC and CGI scripting, including Perl CGI (Apache) and details on retrieving Informix data with the Tengah and Gemstone/J application servers. We're also providing a new finderror (finderr) Java-based utility that allows you to retrieve Informix  error message information instantly, anywhere you have access to the internet. Please check out <http://examples/finderrorand let us know what you think.

Topics are being added frequently. Next week, for example, a set of Informix/3rd party integration notes written by the Application Engineering team will be showcased. If you'd like to be informed when new material is added to our site, please drop us a note at ibyx@informix.com

2. The following website contains some very useful onbar tuning information.


This newsletter is published by the Washington Area Informix User Group
Lester Knutsen, President/Editor
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